3. How much electricity does a Photovoltaic system produce?

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The electricity production of a PV system depends on external (environmental conditions) and internal (technology, layout of the system) parameters.
The efficiency of the PV module depends on:

  • The size of the PV system and its technology
  • The orientation of the PV module towards the sun. The optimal orientation for locations above the Ecuador is the south. 
  • The tilt angle or inclination of the roof. For European countries, the average optima inclination is 30-35 degrees
  • The irradiance value on site
  • The climate zone.

Shadows on the modules (also if they appear only at certain times of day) reduce significantly the gain of the whole system and should be avoided.

The map below represents the yearly sum of global irradiation on a horizontal (inclined) surface. Alternatively the maps represent solar electricity [kWh] generated by a 1kWp system per year with horizontal (or inclined) modules.

To determine the PV electricity generation potential for a particular site, it is important to assess the average total solar energy received over the year.