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How to build solar powered gate openers

objavio 14. stu 2011. 06:01 Sončna Elektrarna Fotovoltaika

Solar Gate opener. Easy steps to install a solar gate opener for your main gate

The automatic main gates are a big menace, as they are needed to be connected to the home outlet all the time. They need a lot of wiring and underground digging. However, the most worrying fact is the ability of the gate control to short circuit the whole house electricity. Actually, most of the time, thieves short circuit these wires that blows the fuse of the house making it easy for them to carry out their operation without any difficulty. Very few of the houses have a backup generator system. Therefore, it is uttermost important to cut off the external gate from internal power supply.

To tackle the electricity problem at gate, people can use solar power. The solar power will not only reduce your current expenditure on main gate control but also will reduce any power surge risk by external factors. On an average with fully charged battery, the gate opener can work for 1500 cycles. However, it can work with minimal charge for 175 times during the day. Therefore, if you are thinking of changing the power supply of the main gate to solar power, following steps can be useful to you:

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time required: 5 - 6 hours working time and 12 hours battery recharge time.

Resources required

You might purchase the DUI solar gate opener from any of the solar appliance deal. Once you have the solar opener kit following items will be useful for installation:






Insulation tape

Solar panel

Estimated Cost: The cost can vary from 150 USD to 300 USD depending upon the quality and brand of solar gate opener.


1. First, identify the place near the gate where you want to install the control box. Once you have identified the area, drill the holes followed by fixing the control box with screws and hammer.

2. Most of the time DUI kits come with a sensor device. You need to bury the sensor under one foot deep ground inside your premises with help of shovel. The distance between sensor and gate should be close to 40 feet. The exit sensor, however need to be outside. For prevention from stealing, the best way is to bury it in a small trench. Connect all the sensors with wire to control box.

3. Connect the keypad and battery to the control box. The battery should be sealed inside the control box. However, with large batteries it is preferable to keep them hidden behind the gate inside your premises.

4. You may proceed with installation of keypad post and setting up passwords for the same.

5. After that, you need to fix the solar panel in a place where maximum sunlight comes.

6. Once the panel is ready, you may connect it to the battery of control.

7. Check the operation of your gate after letting the battery to recharge for a few hours.

Frequently asked questions

1. Will my solar gate opener work at night?

Ans: Absolutely, as the battery takes more than overnight to discharge itself fully

2. Will the device work in rain and bad weather condition?

Ans: The device will work fine even in bad weather and bad light condition as long as the battery is sufficiently charged.

3. Where can I find the solar gate opener kit?

Ans: You can purchase them online or you can buy from any solar appliances outlet.

4. Can I make my own control system box?

Ans: Making control box is easy but with sensors and keypads, it is tough to make. Better option is to purchase one as they are made waterproof too.

Quick tips

1. Install the control system box in shade to prevent from water and little damage.

2. Install the control system box in a place that it does not affect the opening and closing of the gate.

3. Cover the open circuits of sensors with insulation tape to prevent from ground discharging.

4. Prefer concealed wiring for external and internal sensors.

Things to watch out for

1. Solar panel should be carefully installed.

2. Solar Panel should not be in any place devoid of sunlight.

3. You should take proper help during solar panel installation.

4. Never keep external sensor out in open.

5. Purchase a rapid charging battery for quicker and longer cycling period.

6. Internal sensor should be always inside the house.

7. Never keep common information as password for the house.

8. In case of unauthorized entry, ask the Police to tackle the infiltration