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Slovenia's company BISOL enters the Polish photovoltaic market

objavio 21. lis 2011. 02:17 Sončna Elektrarna Fotovoltaika   [ ažurirano 21. lis 2011. 02:18 ]
19.10.2011 - Slovenia's company BISOL , one of the leading European manufacturers of photovoltaic modules, has expanded its sales activities by entering the Polish photovoltaic market. The first shipment comprised of BISOL premium quality photovoltaic modules and accompanying plastic mounting system. The innovative plastic base was developed by the BISOL design team specifically for use with the BISOL photovoltaic modules.

The first BISOL PV modules in Poland are installed on Rzeszów High School of Law. Modules were delivered 2 days after the order was placed and only 2 days after the delivery a 20 kWp PV system was connected to the grid. The installation process not only utilised BISOL’s photovoltaic modules but also the company’s newly developed plastic base, which allows for the construction of an aerodynamic structure without having to penetrate the roof. These were used to assure a long-term investment with higher energy yield.

Poland is a very demanding market as there is no Feed-in Tariff system, which has been introduced in many EU countries and represents the strongest incentive for investments in renewables and a guarantee for long-term profitability of investments. Additionally, Polish customers demand higher quality products and long-term warranties, such as 10-year product warranty, strictly positive power output tolerances and module pre-sorting for a more profitable investment.

BISOL is always looking for new opportunities in emerging markets and to increase its market share in markets where it is already established. Part of our business strategy is being present locally in the most important PV markets. The BISOL Group currently operates in 17 countries worldwide and has representative offices in Italy, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, and Germany.

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