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Saint-Gobain Solar

Saint Gobain Solar offers a complete range of solar systems which blend perfectly into residential or non-residential buildings. Innovative systems including solar modules and solar tiles designed and manufactured by Saint-Gobain Solar. (e.g. SG Solar Sunlap®, SG Solar Sunstyle®). These solutions are characterised by high quality integration, aesthetics, performance and easy mounting.

The range includes all the components needed for a solar installation: solar panels, solar tiles, mounting systems, cables, inverters, electric cabinets making the solar system easily operational.

Related services for easy installation and monitoring of projects depending on the country, ranging from feasibility study to funding, administrative procedures to qualifying training.

In the solar field, Saint-Gobain Solar regroups all the relevant activities of Saint-Gobain. Present throughout the value chain, our division bases its strategy on three independent activities:

  • The sale of high technology components for photovoltaic modules  (specialty glass, high-performance plastics) and the manufacture of high performance mirrors for thermo-solar power plants. This activity is provided by Saint-Gobain Glass.
  • The production of photovoltaic modules using thin film technology CIS  (Copper - Indium - Selenium) for distributors and integrators. This activity is provided by the company Avancis. 
  • The design, manufacture and marketing of photovoltaic solutions for individual and collective residences, commercial and industrial buildings and agricultural and administrative buildings . A “photovoltaic solution” or solar panel installation consists of solar panels or solar tiles; a mounting system; an electrical system: inverters, junction boxes, wiring; a remote-monitoring system. This activity is provided by Saint Gobain Solar Systems. 

Saint-Gobain Solar Sunlap®

Saint-Gobain Solar Sunlap® solar tile and solar roof solutions, composed of framed solar panels, are valued for their aesthetic design, ease of installation and excellent energy efficiency.

Photovoltaic Solar Tiles System by Sunlap ®. Designed and manufactured by Saint Gobain Solar to adapt easily and quickly to all configurations of roofing systems, the SG  Solar Sunlap ® solar tiles are available in several formats on a black background, with no aluminum framework, for a remarkable integration into all types of roofs.

  • Available in mono or multicrystalline silicon
  • Many current dimensions
  • All types of buildings can benefit from this solar installation system, especially residential
  • Minimum slope: 14°
  • System weight: approx.17.4 kg/m2, half the weight of traditional tiles
  • Water-tightness ensured by 120 mm overlap between solar panels
  • Cables: 4 mm2 solar cables, UV resistant, MC4 connectors
  • Rails: made of fibre glass with EPDM solar-tile-adapted seal

Saint-Gobain Solar Sunstyle®

Photovoltaic solar tiles system by Saint-Gobain Solar SunstyleThis new generation solar roof system is building-integrated and blends in perfectly to the architecture of the roof. Its original diamond-shaped format gives a unique style to the building, while reproducing the design of small roofing elements.

  • Available in mono or multicrystalline silicon
  • Diamond-shaped solar tile
  • System weight: approx. 16.5 kg/m2, Half the weight of traditional tiles
  • All types of buildings can benefit from this solar installation system, especially large-scale complete roofs
  • Cables: 4 mm2 solar cables, UV resistant, MC4 connectors
  • Minimum slope: 5°
  • Through patented fixing system