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Montažni sustavi

Hold Pipe was founded in 2001 by bringing in technical and production personnel that has thirty years experience.

Our company focuses on all companies thermohydraulic, photovoltaic, solar installers and industry professionals with custom solutions and services.

Constantly up to date with the latest technological innovations, the company is able to design and create even more sophisticated fastening solutions. We want to meet everyone's needs with a diverse range of products even on request.

 Solar applications
 PV applications

Alluminium profile
HP low 41 x 30
Alluminium profile HP 41 x 41 for M10 screw

Profile HP 41 x 41 perforated on 3 sides

Trestle variable tilt panel support 30° / 35° / 40° / 45°

Stirrups type HP-S

Stainless steel hexagon head screw complete with nut and washer

Stainless steel tcei screw with washer